Escort Montreal

A gift is never required but always appreciated. For any gift, it’s the thought behind it that counts. The most appreciated gift other than beautiful memories would be to see you coming back for another rendez-vous.

For the gentleman who likes to put a smile on my face, surprise me or bring me something to remember him by, I have included some of my favourites.

Some ways to make me smile …

Enjoying a drink together … I love white wine: pino grigio, champagne, red wine: pinot noir…or even better: surprise me with a favourite of yours.

To taste … chocolate, cheese, fruit platter

Clothing and Lingerie … I am very difficult to fit (my measurement really is 34E), so choosing something from my personal wishlist, or a gift card is preferable.

Anything from my personal Wishlist, for the gentleman who is strapped for time or who prefers to surprise me with a personal favourite.

Books …. I’m a total bookworm. Don’t be shy to introduce me to some of your favourites. 

Perfume … my favourite perfume is Angel EDT by Thierry Mugler
A gift certificate :  Victoria Secret –  BCBG – SwarovskiMarcianoHolt RenfrewBebe

Some other sweet gestures …

Pet owner and a huge animal lover, one of the greatest gifts you can give me is a contribution to SPCA Montreal.